With an extended hand and a joyful spirit we welcome you today! We are blessed by you and we believe that God has directed our paths to intersect. Our meeting is not an accident but a divine appointment, so we want to express Christ's love to you with genuine warmth. We're delighted to know you and we're excited to share with you the marvelous ways in which God's hand is at work in our church. We believe you will discover that our fellowship is truly a family, rich relationships that matter most. Growing together, we worship, we serve, we laugh, we cry, we learn, and we reach out to our world with life-transforming truth. We reach out to you, as well. Our doors are open.

Our hearts are open, too. If you've been thinking, praying, searching and hoping for a place to belong, we say again --- Welcome!  

About Us


The Eternal Rock Church is a non-denominational, multicultural church founded by the Senior Pastor, Apostle Bernard Morris. 

Among the many pleasures, the greatest of them all is the opportunity to serve God. As we continue to serve him, through loyalty, faithfulness, and gratefulness, we pray that you will too. In the year of 1976, Pastor Bernard Morris received the vision for the Lord of The Eternal Rock Church. Keeping the vision within until 1979, he and a few men with the leading of the Lord went forth to build. On May 8, 1983, God enabled us to dedicate The Eternal Rock Church debt-free. Through the obedience unto the Lord, we learned how to operate in faith of God. Through every ounce of trial and every pound of pain, we have come this far trusting in Jesus’ name. And as God continues to guide us, we are now in the process of starting a new work. 

Grace and peace to you all!