The Faith Walker, Apostle Bernard Morris

Apostle Bernard Morris was born on February 7, 1952 in Chester, SC. Apostle is the founder and visionary of The Eternal Rock Church of Chester, SC. He has a strong belief in teaching the Word of God and the gift of faith. In 1975, he was called into the ministry and a year later God presented him with the vision of The Eternal Rock Church of which he currently presides. The vision that God gave him was a building in which all could be taught the unadulterated, uncompromising Word of God. Coming from a religious background he was set aside and taught the Word of God by the Holy Spirit. He sought out others and became an eager seeker of God's voice. After being a licensed barber for many years, Apostle Morris was trained by God to lay bricks and move the vision forward with a debt-free journey. He is faith walker with Christ and he continuously leads others to walk closely with God. After he built the sanctuary, God blessed him to make additions to the church and it was all done with a debt-free approach.

Using the gift that God gave him, Apostle Morris was able to help and bless other leaders and pastors build sanctuaries for their members to worship. Unknowingly he was helping build for many others that would come under him in ministry. With the wisdom and faith that God has entrusted him with he taught many how to physically and spiritually walk closely with God. He has helped many walk out of traditional background into the fullness of Christ. 

The ministry of Apostle Morris has traveled all over the world.

With the love and strength of a life-long, praying wife, Assistant Pastor Diane Morris of 48 years, Apostle Morris was able to carry out the vision and assignment for his life. Still together as one, they are continuing to triumph. Together in their union they raised 15 children and have 60+ grandchildren. 

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

Romans 10:17